Amelina Anna (USA, Chicago)

Fashion Nail Artist/Photographer

Anna Amelia was born on April 26th 1987 in the former USSR. Early in her career, she quickly built a reputation as one of the youngest well-known nail artist in Europe. At the age of 13, she studied and worked passionately to turn her fascination of nails into a career that veers between session nail technician, celebrity manicurist and educational partner of "Artistic Nail Design", "ORLY Beauty" and "NSI" in Ukraine. For 2.5 years she was an esteemed beauty and fashion expert for "Nogtevaya estetika" and "Hand&Nails" (Ukraine) magazines, where she had her own column. From there she went on to become a famous nail stylist on Vogue, Elle, Esquire and other fashion magazines. In 2011 Anna created and patented her exclusive nail shape "Monroe", which was the perfect example of architecture and geometry for her students, who had learned gel and acrylic modeling. She was the official nail artist of Raisa Bogatiryova-Ukraine's former Health Minister.

Anna is an author and expert of many professional nail magazines worldwide, such as: "Nogtevaya Estetika" (Ukraine),"Hand&Nails" (Ukraine), "Nailure" (Russia), "Akademia Paznokcia" (Poland), "Paznokcia" (Poland), "Nails Magazine" (USA), "Scratch Magazine" (England),"Passione Unghie " (Italy), "Esthetic Nails & Make-Up" (Spain), "Nailszone" (Puerto Rico), "Coiffure Beauty" (Bulgaria) etc. She is a judge on several nail championships including her favorite ”Open Ukrainian Nail Championship". Anna later created and developed a new fashion nail nomination category entitled ”Commercial Gel-polished Nail Design", where nail artists create nail designs using the images from various "Fashion Week" clothing designs. This nomination category she created is now used by other judges from different nail championships in Italy and Russia. Anna has even found the time to create Professional Nail Design courses to train other aspiring Nail Artists. Since then, she has trained numerous amounts of students who’ve gone on to Fashion Nail Competitions all over the world.

Currently, Anna is living in the U.S. where she is continuing her success as a famous Nail Artist. After she was published in U.S. magazines, she gained popularity amongst American models and photographers. This allowed her start a photography career alongside her fashion nail-accessories that she creates for Fashion Shoots. Her most recent works include fashion shows, music videos, photoshoots and traveling around the world teaching and sharing her knowledge to future Nail Artists.